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Drawing and Sketches

All my workshops start with asking participants "What is your goal for this workshop?" Within the workshop each person's goal is addressed so they achieve what they came for. There are frequent demonstrations and very positive critiques: each is a learning experience.

The goal is to work anywhere, with confidence, quickly.

The 3-day workshop is to teach proficiency with the unique technique.

The beginning with a demonstration emphasizing editing what you see to what is important to you. This day includes a lunch critique and an end-of-day critique. After the demonstration instructor will be sketching and will rove to help each person.
If the weather is bad, we will invent, just as you would have to change a trip. Everything will get covered, but mobility and portability are chief reasons to master the technique and materials. Goals: almost never put anything down, be totally mobile, don't waste time cleaning up, take home a memento you could never catch in a photograph! Be spontaneous and have fun! Don't take yourself seriously. Bring home a sketch that can stand alone or be used for a studio painting. And be fearless in public!
Side benefit: Most people concentrate so much while sketching, once they have learned the technique, they find it is a form of meditation, escape, relaxation in itself. The sketch is a bonus and a reminder of what they thought they saw. It becomes a form of personal expression led by reality. What you bring to the moment is personal: the camera never sees with that 'personal eye' and so can never reproduce what you thought you saw. This is why your sketches have 'life', and what I want my people to appreciate. It's why we get excited to create.
As an artist, I enjoy capturing the moment. There is always a reason to paint something that catches the eye and the mind. Most of my paintings are designed to give the viewer a feeling of serenity, and of having visited the same location.
As an instructor I delight in teaching my easy, totally portable, no-clean-up technique to beginners and professionals alike. For the beginner, Pocket Sketching is an open door to art and seeing the world with a new eye. For the advanced artist, it is a totally portable system for 10 to 25 minute sketches when standing in line, hiking, in a café, on horseback, anywhere. Because there is so little equipment, this is totally liberating and effective: the artist is far more likely to work anywhere. The workshops are well organized, fast, loaded with information and habit-forming. Motto: Learn enough to play for a lifetime!


Each workshop is limited to only 10 people!

Venue: White field, Varthur (next to Shell petrol bank)

Ramagondana halli, VARTHUR Main road,
Bangalor - 66 (Next to Shell petrol bank)

Thursday Batch: 90:30 to 2:00pm
Sunday Batch: 90:30 to 2:00pm

Venue: St Marks road next to SBI st marks (Near MG Road)
Ashirvad, # 30, St Marks Road, Bangalore-01
Oppsite SBI st Marks Rd

Saturday Batch: 90:30 to 2:00pm
Sunday Batch: 2:00pm to 6:00pm


February & March 2016 Regarding Venue we will confirm (Near Ozone Whitefield)

For Enrol plz mail us to

There will be demonstrations as well as painting, Each student will receive plenty of personal attention, including discussions of goals for their future work. Students will be encouraged to develop and attain their artistic goals of personal expression.

To register, please call 9900146125 or mail to :

Enrollment Opens for White field on 25th feb & 06th March and St Marks road 27th feb & 05th March.


Oil Painting
Oil Painting
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This workshop is limited
to only 10 people!
After the 10 spaces are filled names will be added to the waitlist. You will be notified if added to the wait list and contacted if a space opens up.


What students (and their families) are saying about the Hue Arts:

Thanks so much for the opportunity for [our daughter] to get a feel for painting through your weekend- intensive! She really enjoyed herself, and we really are impressed with the quality and variety of work He was able to accomplish in a short amount of time. - Melanie M.

As a beginner, I have enjoyed my classes with you the June. I have improved in my oil paintings so much. You are a wonderful teacher! -Ravindra Pratap Gupta

The studio experience was very down to earth, wholesome, and brought together like minded, creative kids from public, private, and schools. Great environment to learn, produce, meet other kids, and have fun! - Arun Kurmar.

Prakash is an extraordinary teacher, and my drawing skills have improved immensely in a short time. His teaching method is clear and concise, and the small class size allows for one-on-one instruction. Prakash is always interested, dedicated, and encouraging. - Sourav Mukherjee

"I LOVE THIS HUE ARTS" The warm, friendly, and very helpful staff; the numerous opportunities for artistic expression, the setting is one of my most cherished areas of the City - Abhishek Rastogi




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