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Unlock the story behind Hue Arts Academy, where creativity knows no bounds. Discover our journey, passion, and commitment to nurturing young artists.

Established with a vision to cultivate artistic talent, Hue Arts Academy has been a beacon for aspiring young artists. Our journey began with the belief that every child is born with a unique creative spark. We strive to provide a nurturing space where they can explore, experiment, and express themselves through art. Our team of experienced instructors is dedicated to fostering a love for creativity, guiding students on a journey of self-discovery and artistic growth.

Passionate Instructors

Experienced and dedicated mentors fostering a love for art.

Creative Environment

Inspiring spaces designed to encourage imagination and expression.

Individualized Approach

Tailored programs to nurture each child's unique artistic potential.

About The Founder

Meet the visionary founder, a driving force behind Hue Arts Academy’s creative journey and success.

Myself Prakash, painting for most of the past 20 years and part of the Ken School of Art /community since 1995 and is probably best known for his still life, large landscape-based paintings and portraits.

Work experience as Media Authoring and Creative Director in Pentamedia Graphic Ltd – Chennai and Exhibitions in Bangalore Renaissance include Cp art centre painting exhibition / Bala bavan Art Gallery in Chennai Recently hosting & conducting corporate painting workshop fine arts classes. My film Oppurnity begain in the year 1999, working with various Govt/corporate video presentation icic bank, ford etc.. and also few film as commercial artist and then created short film after that as Assistant director experience

Presently Directing Kids feature film Title: Chikkavaru Konaralla
Language: Kannada dubbed in 4 languages Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, & Malayalam

Prakash.C  Director